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Eco-Products is challenging people everywhere to rethink single use products. We realize that we don't have a corner on the market for good ideas, so if you have an idea you think we could use, we'd love it if you'd share it with us so we can put it through our new concept development process to see if it could become a new product or service for us to offer.

Innovation is a key driver of our strategy and Eco-Products is continuously working to develop and improve our materials, products and process. We are seeking creative concepts in the areas of new products, materials, packaging, waste diversion and similar applications. We're looking for ideas that are novel, provide value to our business, have demonstrable social and environmental benefits, and are feasible from technical and cost-effectiveness perspectives.

Finally, with the exception of personal details, the information you submit will not be considered confidential. By filling out this form, you're actively choosing to share the concept with no strings attached. To learn how you can protect your idea and preserve your rights to its potential use, please visit the US Patent and Trademark Office at We are open to reviewing patent pending ideas, but if you plan to file and just want to get our opinion about a concept, this idea form is not he right place to first record the concept. If you have filed and application and proceed to submit your idea to us without informing us of the filing, we cannot consider the concept confidential and you risk making any claims of novelty invalid with the USPTO.

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(Note: We're not trying to scare you off. We just want to be sure you're trying to share with us, not sell us something.)

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What environmental and/or social benefits would your idea have?Reusable
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